Assisted Living Advantage offers a variety of services to assist you in determining if it is time to consider assisted living. We will research and present you with options; and personally take you through the placement process.


Senior Couple Considering Assisted Living Placement Services

Assisted Living Placement Services

If a family or an individual has reached the decision assisted living is needed and they are ready to move forward with identifying appropriate care communities, touring them and intend to put a deposit down and move in within approximately 45 days, Assisted Living Advantage offers complete placement services.  Understand More…


Family using Assisted Living Evaluation and Counseling Services

Evaluations and Counseling

Assisted Living Advantage offers its evaluation and counseling services to those who are not quite ready to seek an assisted living community and begin the move, but would like a plan for the future.

Families and individuals are often unsure if it is time to seek assisted living care. When you meet with one of our Assisted Living Advantage placement counselors we will provide an unbiased third party evaluation, offer a professional personalized assessment of your immediate and future needs, and outline potential options and guidance for a personal plan of action. Understand More…


Example of Private Group Home and Assisted Living Facility in Phoenix

Assisted Living Community Research & Tour Services

While planning for the future, families and individuals may seek information about assisted living communities. A person(s) living independently or with family may not need to make a change now, but they understand the time will come when a change of living arrangements may be necessary.

While not yet ready to make a move, you may want understand more about the different types of care communities available, begin to explore which care communities may be a match and actually visit to determine if they are a possibility. Understand More…


Mother and Daughter using the Peace of Mind Program

Peace of Mind Program

Assisted Living Advantage offers a follow-up service to families that need an unbiased third party to visit their loved one in the care community and report back on that person’s condition, physically, mentally and emotionally. Understand More…



Online Assisted Living Needs Assessment
No Charge and Immediate Results

Assisted Living Advantage understands that many don’t reach out for help because they do not want any pressure to make a decision. We offer a valuable tool for those who would like to determine if they should be considering assisted living for a loved one or for themselves without interacting directly with a counselor. Assisted Living Advantage will never pressure you to make a decision you are not ready for and, in many cases, we will give you other options to explore before making a change in living arrangements.

Our counselors invite you to complete the Needs Assessment to learn more about your needs and then we would welcome you to contact us at 480-419-4202 for further discussion when the time is right for you.

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