Family using assisted living evaluation and counseling services

Evaluations and Counseling

Assisted Living Advantage offers its evaluation and counseling services to those who are not quite ready to seek an assisted living community and begin the move, but would like a plan for the future.

Families and individuals are often unsure if it is time to seek assisted living care. When you meet with one of our Assisted Living Advantage placement counselors we will provide an unbiased third party evaluation, offer a professional personalized assessment of your immediate and future needs, and outline potential options and guidance for a personal plan of action.

Evaluations can be conducted in person or over the phone (with or without the potential resident present). The purpose of an evaluation is to determine the overall situation, the potential resident’s health and well-being, their care needs now and in the future, budget and how to pay for care, along with geographic and personal preferences. Evaluations can be an on-going process if a family is not ready to make a change in living arrangements but wants to monitor their loved one’s condition until they are ready to make that decision. After completing an evaluation, we will provide formal report outlining the details and our recommendations on the best action plan for all involved.

Counseling goes hand-in-hand with an evaluation and might include providing resources to allow a person to remain at home and independent for as long as possible before moving to an assisted living facility; identifying programs that would assist with the financial requirements for providing long term care; mediating family disputes regarding a loved one’s condition and determining the need for assisted living.

Evaluations and Counseling Services are offered at a rate of $75 per hour and are conducted on an as-needed basis.


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