Senior Couple that used Assisted Living Placement Program

Assisted Living Placement Services

If a family or an individual has reached the decision assisted living is needed and they are ready to move forward with identifying appropriate care communities, touring them and intend to put a deposit down and move in within approximately 45 days, Assisted Living Advantage offers complete placement services.

Our simple step-by-step process is outlined below:


  1. We will conduct a care evaluation to determine care needs, budget, geographic and personal preferences.
  2. We will research care facilities to identify which best meet the above criteria and discuss your options with you. It is our desire to provide you with as many options as possible, including price ranges, locations and amenities.
  3. If desired, we will accompany you on a tour of the potential care facilities. ALL facilities are licensed by the State of Arizona and have been pre-screened. An advantage to having an Assisted Living Advantage counselor accompany you is to ensure that the correct questions are asked, that you understand the answers and that you don’t overlook anything.
  4. Once the facility is selected, Assisted Living Advantage can assist you in coordinating the move with the care facility and provide on-going support during the transition period. If additional support is needed beyond the 30 day transition period, the Peace of Mind Program is available.
  5. To begin the process, contact us at (480) 419-4202 or by clicking here.

Assisted Living Advantage Placement Services are FREE. Assisted Living Advantage will receive compensation from the care community you select that best meets your needs and the criteria you provide.

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